About Sikon

Sikon Inc. is an Aboriginal owned and operated consulting company dedicated to delivering beneficial infrastructure and environmental solutions in particular for Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples.  Our goal is to foster positive relationships based on mutual respect and trust that will promote beneficial ventures that assist Canada’s Aboriginal Peoples in self-reliance and economic prosperity.

As an Aboriginal firm with offices across the country, Sikon is very proud of its associations and work with First Nations, Inuit and Métis communities across Canada.

Our Team

  • Sikon president Luc Lainé

    Luc Lainé President

    A member of the Huron Wendat Nation, Luc Lainé, B.A. undertakes professional activities within many Canadian and Aboriginal organizations as well as with the private sector. Luc is always respectful to the ways of knowing and ways of viewing by the local communities he visits. He is deemed to be a valuable contributor by Native associations given his experience and his elaborate diplomatic approach. Luc’s involvement and knowledge of Aboriginal Peoples is an asset to any project team. Since 1998, Luc has worked on numerous evaluation projects performing interviews in French and providing English interpretations and reports. Since 1998, Luc has worked in public affairs, management and development
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  • Antonio Dalpra Vice-President

    Antonio Dalpra, a Guarani from Argentina, has been involved in the design, management and monitoring of international and domestic community-based development projects – including training programs aimed at capacity building and community strengthening – for the past 15 years. He has worked closely with indigenous peoples in Canada, the United States, the People’s Republic of China and Latin America, helping them move towards their goals of economic development and self-sufficiency. Antonio’s primary focus has been on the advocacy and promotion of human rights and the empowerment of Indigenous Peoples, particularly through the practices of inter-indigenous partnership and sustainable development. He has used consensus building and participatory research approaches in indigenous and economic development projects funded by CIDA, World Bank, non-governmental organizations and economic development agencies in Guatemala, Chile and Argentina. Antonio’s university studies and cultural background provide him with a unique understanding of different cultures. These experiences provide him with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the socio-cultural, economic, and political realities of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas.
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