Media Release – July 15, 2010

Métis Nation British Columbia Signs Historical Memorandum of Understanding With Morrison Hershfield Limited and Sikon Infrastructure Inc.

The Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC) and its new business associates, Morrison Hershfield Limited (MHL) and Sikon Infrastructure Inc. (Sikon), signed a historical Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on June 25, 2010. All parties acknowledge that through the collaboration of their efforts economic successes will be a reality, with benefits to all parties.

Signing of Historical Memorandum of Understanding

Signing of the MOU by Bill Taylor for MH, Dave Hodgson the Vice President of MNBC, and on the left - John Keyuk VP of Sikon.

It is the intent of this MOU that Métis communities will benefit through the creation of local jobs, the expansion of existing and the creation of new, Métis businesses. As well, the intent is that at the regional and provincial levels MNBC will have the ability to participate in business initiatives that will hopefully generate long term revenue streams, thus making them less reliant on government funding.

The MOU is also focused on enhancing the capacity of MNBC at all levels through the transfer of skills and knowledge by providing opportunity for Métis people to work alongside of Morrison Hershfield’s seven hundred professional staff.  Morrison Hershfield and Sikon will have access to the fastest growing labour force in the country thus allowing their organizations to be truly representative of all Canadians.

Dave Hodgson, the Vice President of MNBC announced, “With respect to MNBC, our working together through this MOU will mean good paying jobs for community members which will equate to a better quality of life for our people; with this signing comes the real work and we are ready to go.”

William Taylor, Senior Principal with Morrison Hershfield stated, “One of our goals in working with MNBC is to provide a single point of contact for engineering services for MNBC and Morrison Hershfield

After signing of Historical Memorandum of Understanding

clients across British Columbia.  We are an organization that is committed to making our clients successful and to establishing long lasting relationships built on loyalty and trust. We are excited about this opportunity and now is the time to transform words into results for all.”

John Keyuk, Vice President of Sikon outlined that “As a Métis person, I am proud of the role Sikon has played in the development of this joint economic development initiative. For far too long, large infrastructure opportunities have been outside the grasp for many Aboriginal communities but by having them work with leading Canadian companies like “Morrison Hershfield” this will no longer be the case.” 

About Métis Nation British Columbia (MNBC)

Community presidents, Board members and senior staff of MNBC John Keyuk Sikon and Bill Taylor Morrison Hershfield.

Community presidents, Board members and senior staff of MNBC, along with John Keyuk Sikon and Bill Taylor from Morrison Hershfield.

MNBC was created in 1996 and has grown over the years to the point where we now represent 37 Métis communities across British Columbia in seven regions. Our citizenships is in the thousands and is growing every day as Métis people stand proud of who they are and where they have come from in the development of Canada and our great province.

Since 2003, the Métis Nation British Columbia leadership has implemented a number of institutions of governance such as the Senate, Métis Nation Governing Assembly, Youth representation, Women’s representation, an Electoral Act, and an objectively verifiable citizenship process. MNBC is the true Métis representative organization across  British Columbia and is mandated to develop and enhance opportunities for Métis communities by implementing culturally relevant social and economic programs and services.


Metis dance group after MOU signing

Metis dance group performing for the audience after the signing of the MOU.

About Morrison Hershfield Limited

Morrison Hershfield is an employee-owned firm providing integrated multidisciplinary engineering and related expertise. The firm delivers innovative, cost effective and technically sophisticated engineering projects. Morrison Hershfield is committed to developing sustainable solutions that help clients achieve their goals. Founded in 1946, Morrison Hershfield has systematically grown to over 700 staff with offices located throughout Canada and the United States.


About Sikon Infrastructure Inc.

Sikon Infrastructure Inc. is an Aboriginal owned and operated Canadian company dedicated to delivering beneficial infrastructure and environmental solutions.  Our goal is to add value to public and private initiatives through our work with our Aboriginal partners, Morrison Hershfield and other Corporate entities across Canada.