Luc Lainé

Luc LainéA member of the Huron Wendat Nation, Luc Lainé, B.A. undertakes professional activities within many Canadian and Aboriginal organizations as well as with the private sector. Luc is always respectful to the ways of knowing and ways of viewing by the local communities he visits. He is deemed to be a valuable contributor by Native associations given his experience and his elaborate diplomatic approach. Luc’s involvement and knowledge of Aboriginal Peoples is an asset to any project team. Since 1998, Luc has worked on numerous evaluation projects performing interviews in French and providing English interpretations and reports. Since 1998, Luc has worked in public affairs, management and development. During this time he has:

• Co-facilitated Aboriginal awareness workshops for provincial and federal employees and the private sector

• Promoted two different technologies in waste water treatment and waste to energy as Chargé de Projets with LMMK Inc.

• Facilitated or co-facilitated numerous meetings on subjects such as funding formula of Tribal Councils, new Federal Aboriginal Economic Development Program, Aboriginal training for Human Resources and Social Development Canada, Native Para-Judicial Services of Québec and the Aboriginal Division of CHMC

• Represented the interests of several Aboriginal organizations including Aboriginal Voices Radio and First Nations such as Hurons Wendat Council with respect to the protection of its sacred sites located on its traditional territory.

• Participated in the Assembly of First Nations Operator Turnover National Study

  • Experience Snapshot

      • Consultant and chargé d'affaires for an aboriginal affairs consulting firm with the main mandate to establish relations with political, cultural, social and economic Native organizations and with First Nations Councils. Also responsible for developing new markets in Canada and abroad in order to promote Native businesses and expertise. 

    1. • Concurrent work as executive assistant for the Huron-Wendat Nation Grand Chief and as member of the tripartite negotiation team involving the federal and provincial governments. He actively participated in the preparation of the Huron-Wendat’s positions and the several bargaining tables regarding issues such as natural resources, fisheries, hunting, trapping and self-government. 
    2. • Assistant director for the Public Participation Directorate of the Royal Commission on Aboriginal Peoples.
    3. • Appointed by the Office of the Privy Council as Aboriginal Commissioner of the 400 anniversary of Québec City held in 2008
    4. • Work with Public Affairs, Management and Development
    5. • Co-chairman of the Assembly of First Nations of Canada for more than five years and is a board member of the Foundation – Dialogue des Cultures and le Forum Francophone des Affaires