Antonio Dalpra

Antonio DalpraAntonio Dalpra, a Guarani from Argentina, has been involved in the design, management and monitoring of international and domestic community-based development projects – including training programs aimed at capacity building and community strengthening – for the past 15 years. He has worked closely with indigenous peoples in Canada, the United States, the People’s Republic of China and Latin America, helping them move towards their goals of economic development and self-sufficiency. Antonio’s primary focus has been on the advocacy and promotion of human rights and the empowerment of Indigenous Peoples, particularly through the practices of inter-indigenous partnership and sustainable development. He has used consensus building and participatory research approaches in indigenous and economic development projects funded by CIDA, World Bank, non-governmental organizations and economic development agencies in Guatemala, Chile and Argentina. Antonio’s university studies and cultural background provide him with a unique understanding of different cultures. These experiences provide him with a thorough knowledge and understanding of the socio-cultural, economic, and political realities of Indigenous Peoples in the Americas.

  • Experience Snapshot

      • Conducted socio-economic impact analysis and developed regulations to ensure that oil and gas operations in Indigenous territories were carried out consistent with International Labour Organization Convention 169. These regional studies in South America protect the environment and the socio-cultural condition of Indigenous peoples.

      • Developed and administered a highly successful development project in Quebec. This innovative, integrated environmental project has reawakened the awareness of Indigenous peoples in Canada by expanding relationships with municipalities and has contributed to a regained sense of cultural pride and self-esteem.

      • Designed, implemented and administered an Indigenous Development Program and its corresponding policies for a Canadian NGO. This program promotes community development partnerships with Indigenous communities in Canada and cultivates international joint ventures between Indigenous peoples in Canada and overseas.

      • Established an information system for reconstructive and social infrastructure projects aimed at meeting the needs of aboriginal communities.

      • Assessed and developed managerial/technical training programs for an Indigenous health organization. This project developed a framework to identify, negotiate and implement inter-Indigenous health ventures involving Indigenous groups and prospective investors.

      • Analyzed the feasibility of industrial park projects submitted by state/provincial governments and monitored and assessed project implementation through on-site visits.

      • Assessed and promoted co-operative and independent fishery proposals including aquaculture projects, primarily from Indigenous communities.